Univ. Prof. Dr. Heinz Ludwig
Specialist in Medical Oncology, Hematology and Internal Medicine

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Ordination: Prof. Heinz Ludwig    ::    A-1090 Vienna, Beethovengasse 1/1/15    ::    e-mail: heinz.ludwig@aon.at    ::    Appointments: +43-1-4056737

Heed the 4 L's from Ludwig


Actors have a very low risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease as long as they exercise their brains by learning new roles. After ending their career the risk for Alzheimer’s disease approaches that of the general population.

Laufen (Running)

Top athletes have a significantly lower risk of breast cancer. Patients who develop cancer such as colon cancer have better chances of survival if they follow a regular exercise program after their diagnosis. In addition to the prolongation of survival, it also enhances well-being.


Numerous studies point to the importance of joyful activities for stress reduction and increased well-being. Here the word love refers not only to the love for another person, but also to the satisfaction that can be experienced when engaging in fulfilling activities.


Laughter leads to a relaxation of muscle tone, activates the immune system and results in increased release of endorphins. Studies have shown a link between laughter and reduced cardiovascular mortality.